London Wife: by Ayodeji Benedicta Matuluko


Ibadan is quiet most mornings. You wake up to the sound of grains hitting an asbestos roof. The old man in the house opposite your apartment has started feeding the blackbirds that perch below his veranda. The woman whose shop is below the roof never complains when Baba starts feeding the birds. She is used to the grains and the squeaking birds by now.

You reach for your wristwatch on your side table. The time is 7:15am. It will be 6:15am in London. He called you yesterday to tell you they will now be one hour behind. You have 30 to 35 minutes to get ready for work. You mumble a few words in prayer. You have tired of fervent prayer, as it doesn’t seem your prayers are going to be answered any time soon. You break into song in the shower and surprise yourself with how easily the words…

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Hungry: By Edwin Madu


It was dark in the room they were in. Evening had come and had met both of them sitting there on the bed in the small room they called home. He had come back from school some hours earlier and had done his homework and also taken a nap. A nap he had protested. A nap she had sternly told him to take. He had done all these without eating. He now stared at her, with his big eyes that were the colour of honey, like her father’s, and asked her where the food was.

“You’re hungry?” she asked him with mock surprise in her voice like she thought it amazing that the boy was hungry.

“Yes!” he said. He drew out the yes and feigned tears. Tears that would become real soon if he did not get food.

“Oya spell hungry.”

“H-U-N–gry” he said, laughing after he found…

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#dLifeOfE’…A life of FAITH!!!

Tapping into the this testimony because surely the lesser is Blessed by the greater

The F.A.B. Sister's Blog

The WORD works… Absolutely!!! iTestify


I knew I was going to write today being my birthday, but I wasn’t too sure what to write.
As I cleaned the bathroom last week Saturday, my Sugar Daddy whispered this to me.


I was going to share it on Wale Adejana’s Testimony blog but I decided to share it here Instead cos I wanted to share all the details and I didn’t want to make Wale run this ‘novel’ on his blog.
You know how we do it on the FAB lane. This is going to be a really long one.

Today my birthday, I wanna share a personal testimony


I am so amazed by this God and how faithful He is to honour His Word if we can just stand on that Word, do our part till our testimony comes.
So as a Unibadan Sociology student, I was very exposed to…

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The Female Igbo Architect

Hey everyone! 😀 Happy Sunday. Hope we went to church oh! Remember that the church is the best place to catch le

Alright, yesterday evening, I was surfing the web as usual and I don’t know how it happened, but I started with articles on Natural Hair Care and ended up in poems on female empowerment (i’m a surfer like that. sometimes I end up on my own site). I am not really a fan of poetry but I have only come across two awesome poems that blew my mind and forced me to think about who I am and who I really want to be. The first is “A WOMAN’S QUESTION” by Lena Lathrop which my friend Ijeoma Unachukwu and I would be reviewing soon and then the second is “WHAT GUYS LOOK FOR IN GIRLS” by 17-year-old Savannah Brown and that’s what I…

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Beautifully written

The Female Igbo Architect

Hello everyone! Been a while shaa. How are we? Hope we went to church o, because you know nau 😉

Alright! Today’s topic is a touchy and sensitive one and we are going to talk about it because I feel that most people and even the people who have asked to be identified as feminists don’t understand what It means.


Let’s do a quick test. When you hear the word “feminist” what really comes to mind? And why?

Before I really got to understand feminism for what it is, I was really scared by the feminists I saw around me. Let me put it this way, whenever I see most women who call themselves feminists and activists, the words ‘violent’ and ‘radical’ comes to mind. I mean why is it called feminism when most of them are just trying to be men.

Women are very different from…

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